Community Musician

Jenny believes everyone in society should have access to the joy of singing and live music. Over the past 15 years, Jenny has been specialising in offering live music and education to those living with dementia and children and young adults with SEND.


Jenny has been performing regularly with Lost Chord and Music in care and Hospitals for 15 years. She adores seeing the positive change that live music can bring, often taking them back in their memories to a positive place, escaping living with dementia for a brief moment in time. The music opens up conversations and transforms people into their true selves, and sparks joy in their eyes. The positive effect of music comforts everyone in the setting, including carers and staff, giving everyone a boost.

No live music sessions are the same, Jenny is sensitive to every different setting and will  singing well know repertoire from the greatest movie musicals, such as, The sound of Music,  Calamity Jane, Wizard of Oz, My Fair Lady, and many more. She responds to live requests and sessions often end up including a wide range of song including Elvis, ABBA, Hymns, Classical Opera Arias and many more.


Jenny delivers two specialist choirs for MAPAS (Salford Music and Performing Arts Service).

The groups are carefully planned and adapted to suit individual needs, yet Jenny believes that everyone can achieve high-quality music-making and, with patience and fun, learn musical skills. Both groups have improved their musicianship, vocal skills, and confidence.

Jenny also sees the many positive effects of musical education, such as improved social skills and speech. Both groups perform alongside mainstream ensembles at MAPAS centre concerts and have become audience favourites.

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“Jenny is a patient, enthusiastic and animated teacher. Her lessons are both productive and fun, my daughter loves attending her SEND class and has grown in ability and confidence since starting. Thank you Jenny.”


Parent of Rainbow Rooms SEND Choir member